I met Timothy Joyce and bunch in the Black Forest in Germany two years ago. They were on a nightly visit to a certain chemical plant there… and so were we. The evening turned out to be even more enjoyable and productive than we had imagined it would be.
   After that night we decided we break completely with the life we had lived, with the illusion society is selling you that you have a say in anything, by participating, by (yelp) voting. Among other things.
   That night our lives were changed forever.



On this page I will, among other things, show comments from visitors and also our replies. Look upon it as a kind of Q and A page…


   «In my opinion Timothy Joyce is nothing but a common terrorist, so why all the fuss concerning him and his activities»?
       John Sturgess - London

- Well, John, there are evidently a lot of people who do disagree with you, that some perceived quality in Timothy’s actions marks him as more than a common terrorist.


   «He (Joyce) doesn’t seem real to me. Does he exist at all?
       Alfred Kelly - Burbank

   - You know, Alfred, that’s a very good question and one more people than you have asked. I would have to say that his actions speak for themselves, though.


   You almost had me believing - that you were real Wican or Shamanistic.... but that "Corpse Mutilation" thing!!! No one - no one- who actually follows a Wican or Shaministic path could even joke about this???
   ....to us - all life is Sacred!

   ...Wolf (Steve Laform?)

   Reply to Wolf's mail:

   We're all pagans and shamans here, Wolf. Perhaps not your kind of pagan or shaman, but would you want us all to be alike? We're certainly not squeamish wiccans. What life are you talking about here? Corpses? You claim all life is sacred to you, and a "desecration" of a dead body is bothering you? That's a joke, not caring. If we wanted to provoke anybody we certainly succeeded easily with you. Are you so set in your mold that you can't see beyond your own prejudices??? We and Timothy are certainly not joking. Au contraire, we feel strongly that it is society's (and also bleeding hearts wiccans') way of looking at life and death that is the true joke. We're more than willing to DISCUSS this with you or anybody, but if you're just copying/peddling the Christian idea of morality and condemnation don't bother.




   Well, that's it for now. Send me comments. Send me your joy, send me you hatred, and I'll return it to you, right through your heart.



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