Some says that another reality, a new parallel universe is created every tiny moment in time, that every choice, every possibility makes the Universe split even further. That it isn't about whether an individual chooses to turn right or left, that it is far more basic than that, that it goes on on subatomic particle level, and that it has, in fact been going on since the possible beginning of the Universe.
   I think there might be something to it.
   That means there is virtually an infinite number of "me", sitting here, writing this. A far greater number of universes where human history has taken a completely different turn. An even greater number of Earths where there are no humans at all. And many times that number realities where there is no Earth or even the Earth solar system at all. And progressing backwards.
   The fact that there is one of me, assures that there are countless versions of me around.
   Makes you think, doesn't it?
   Yes, the Universe is Vast. It is everything that ever was, everything that could have been, everything that is, everything that can be and everything that will be. Every thought, every action, every move, innate or not ever made.
   And every minor universe isn't isolated from the others, from the Universe at large. They may interact in an infinite number of ways. And they do. There are time travelers, dimension hoppers and countless others, voluntarily or not breaching the non-existing boundaries of one, "limited" reality.
   Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life is ever growing beyond its own confines.

   There is no time, no beginning, no end. Everything that is here has always been here, even what isn't yet here.




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