Raven's Court is old. Old there on the hill, old everywhere. It's a castle on the water, a ship far at sea, a cabin in the forest. It's all the same. It's found under blackened clouds, shaking in storms, hidden in mist. A place of shadows and fire.
   And there are ravens here, both in the courtyard and in the dark, misty halls, sometimes seen with the cloaked, hooded figures, sometimes not. There is a banquet hall, a long table, where Strangers feast. Swords are being drawn. Wines and good food are enjoyed to the max.
   There are dungeons here, where there is not Death, but Life, where acts unspeakable in polite conversation are undertaken. There is a room, touching all rooms, where the brave may seek, may Live. There are attics and Storms, forests and mountains, and deep seas.
   The beach of Eternity is hidden somewhere within these thin walls.

   Knock on doors, open doors, walk through doorways. But beware of that first step. It is a dozy. Find truth, deceit and bone, ink and blood.
   Some rooms have no backdoors. Others do. You may hear screams, you may hear howls. Pay them no head. They are only echoes of your own petrified or heated acts. You are either warm or cold, or you may be both.




The hallway is covered in silver moonlight.
There may not be moonlight outside.
But inside... there will always be.
You may see the apparition.
You may not.

You may have come through here before.
You may have just come through here, and not remember.
A shroud of the Forgetting is clouding everything we know.

Visit Ravenscourt, live in Ravenscourt,
where witches, rebels and free men and women are gathering,
gathering for the misty night,
where everything is possible.

Mist and Shadow are present in the very air.

Ravenscourt is hiding the very secrets of the Universe.



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