Unknown matter

   Science has admitted one important fact lately. Not really admitted it, of course, but it is there in the published text. They have discovered something they call Dark Matter, as usual displaying their ignorance. A Universe far more complex than the science myth has been known to ancient tribal societies for thousands of years.
   Why they just don't admit their ignorance and call it Unknown Matter is beyond me.
   What they call Dark Matter comprises major parts of the Universe, depending on viewpoint approximately ninety-eight percent. Logic then more then suggests that what we can see with our eyes, what science can see with their limited and limiting instruments give a completely wrong impression of everything. The Universe is completely different from what we're taught. In context to the Dark Matter "discovery" (by science) it has been suggested, both flippantly and not that firespitting dragons may ride what science have described as basically "empty Space". And this is only an introductory comment on how totally wrong, completely off the mark our current, dominant view on existence is.


The Book of Fate

   The Book of Fate may turn its own pages. Sometimes there may be hands touching it, sometimes not.
   In the shimmering twilight of existence something is stirring. There is movement of mist and shadow. Outside time, outside space there is a boiling pot of creation, mirroring that within, without (another false dichotomy, but who is counting). Is the creation the creator of the creators or is it the other way around??? In the end it might not matter, since the question itself is probably meaningless.
   Yes, skeleton hands, flesh and blood hands are turning the pages of the Book of Fate.



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