First of all, technically speaking nothing existing in nature, within it can, by definition be unnatural, outside it.
   That being said, let's continue as if the above sentence isn't there.


   Human created poison is flooding the Earth, spiritually and physically destroying all life on the planet. The planet itself isn't truly destroyed, but Life on it is. So pointing out that the planet itself, barring a cosmic disaster will always be here, no matter what, is just another distraction, diversion from the matter at hand.




   Humanity has, during an amazingly short time created civilization, an environment vastly alien compared to what was before it. We have, in short created a machine with life of its own, turning ourselves into slaves of its metal, its plastic, its wheel. We have been reduced to wheels within wheels within the bigger, oiled machine. We have become slaves of oil, of chemicals not previously present in nature, of what is slowly but surely destroying us, killing us...
   We have created our own tailspin suicide run. We are about to commit collective suicide, and it's presented as a good thing. If that isn't unnatural nothing is. We are life, self aware and coherent. Our mission is to grow, to learn, to Live. When that isn't happening something is seriously wrong, and it's time for a change, a major, inexplicable, irrevocable change.
   Factories, industry are spewing poison all over the planet. Cleaning up a bit, shutting down merely a few plants won't save us, won't make us live again. Cities are covering the planet. Making a few parks, a few green areas won't give us back what we truly need. Our current way of living is wrong, plain and simple. We are hunters and nomads. This is who we are. A land without nomads is a land without freedom. Many speak about the benefits of civilization, that the many benefits outweighs the few disadvantages. This is a common, persistent myth that is totally false. They speak about civilization as if there is no choice, no alternative. That even when facing mass collective suicide humanity has no choice but to make more civilization, more technology, the very same attitude that has brought us where we are today.
   At the brink of extinction.




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